Anello Limited Model Repellency Waterproof Mini Rucksack (Beige)

Brand: Anello
Product Code: FSO-B024
RM349.00 RM299.00


【Model Code】 anello FSO-B024 [limited edition]

【Variation】 Beige


Based on the backpack small size of an anello® icon product, it will be more functional than standard items, and B6 size notebooks and paperbacks can be stored in the front pocket. Because it is with a harness strap, it is also a nice point that we can use even small women and kids. The anello® logo is finished with three-dimensional rubber print, and it is also a point that we use anello® original metal parts. Note) This item uses water repellent fabric, but it is not completely waterproof.


Material: Polyester

Weight: Approx 540 g

Capacity: Approx 10 L

Opening Main: Fastener



Size: Mini | 24cm x 14cm x 35cm

※ Estimated size: B5 storable

※ Possession length: 30cm

※ Shoulder string length: 40 ~ 83cm



【Pocket number】

※ Main mouth × 1

※ Inner pocket × 2

※ Outside pocket × 3

※ PC storage × 1

※ Direct connection fastener × 1


Gender: Unisex

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Anello Limited Model Repellency Waterproof Mini Rucksack (Beige)
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