Anello Synthetic Leather Handbag (Ivory)

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Popular! It is synthetic leather Boston bag of mouthpiece series. When opening the fastener of the opening, it got stuck! And popular opening Boston bag opening. I use synthetic leather which is moderately plus and retro feeling plus, it is lightweight but A4 size storable and large capacity! Since the possession is a length that can be shawled, you can hold it firmly even if you put in lots of baggage. Ideal for commuting to school and travel. 

Material: Polyurethane (PU) 
Weight: Approx 660 g 
Opening Main: Fastener

size side Vertical Machi
F 34 cm 29 cm 20 cm

※ Estimated size: A4 size possibility 
possession possession length: 54cm 

[pocket number] 
main mouth × 1 
inside pocket × 2 inside pocket × 2 
outside pocket × 1 

sex: unisex 

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Anello Synthetic Leather Handbag (Ivory)
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