Anello Polyester 2 Layer Multi-Function Backpack (Mint)

Brand: Anello
Product Code: AT-C1841
RM329.00 RM179.00


Multifunctional backpack with full-textured polyester twill fabric. The room that can be stored is a two-layer structure divided into two. It can be stored in tidy order according to the package and can be transformed into a formula even if opening the zipper at the inner boundary. Drinks etc. can be stored in the upper bellows parts, dedicated wallet pocket is arranged on the back. A key hook is attached to the front pocket, a mesh pocket on the other side ♪ The handle is designed slightly larger so that the arm can pass easily. It is satisfying backpack with outstanding functionality! 

Material: Polyester
Weight: about 580 g
Capacity: about 13 L
Opening Main: Fastener

size side Vertical Machi
F 29 cm 39 cm 14 cm

※ Estimated size: A4 size possibility possibility 
possession length: 38cm 
shoulder string length : 45 ~ 94cm 

[pocket number] 
main mouth × 1 
inside pocket × 6 
outside pocket × 3 

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Anello Polyester 2 Layer Multi-Function Backpack (Mint)
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