Nylon 2 Way Sling Bag Mini (Natural Pink)

Brand: Anello
Product Code: AT-H1241
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material: Polyester 
Weight: Approx 360g 
Opening Main: Fastener

size side Vertical Gore
F 25 cm 19 cm 9 cm

※ Estimated size: mini (B5 size and above will not be included.) Handy length 
: 29 cm 
Shoulder length: 71 ~ 128 cm 

[Outer pocket] 
Fastener pocket x 1 
[Inner pocket] 
Open pocket x 2 

Gender: Unisex 

* Fabric Size and weight may vary slightly due to individual differences. 
* As for the ogle, please understand 
beforehand that there may be a difference between the image and the real thing , depending on the screen of the display or smartphone you are viewing 

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Nylon 2 Way Sling Bag Mini (Natural Pink)
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