Legato Largo Lightweight Synthetic Leather Shoulder Bag (Grey Beige)

Brand: Legato Largo
Product Code: LG-E1213
RM249.00 RM189.00


From Legato Largo, a lightweight shoulder bag with a cute size has arrived! With its removable IC card case, the "Soreppi" series allows you to exit the ticket gates simply by bringing the bottom of the bag closer. The faux leather has a high-class appearance, and it's a light weight of about 280g, so it's easy to hang it on your shoulder ♪ The flap can be easily opened and closed with a magnetic button, and the main storage part is A5 size and gusset about 10 cm Since it is wide, small items can be stored securely. On the back is an open pocket and a ZIP pocket that are convenient for sorting small items. It is a shoulder bag with a size that is just right for everyday use, such as diagonal sling or shoulder sling with adjustable shoulder ♪

Material: Polyurethane

Vertical: about 17.5 cm
Horizontal: about 23 cm
Machi: about 10 cm
Shoulder: About 111-126 cm

Weight: About 280 g

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Legato Largo Lightweight Synthetic Leather Shoulder Bag (Grey Beige)
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