Anello Polyester Canvas N/C Slim Mouthpiece Slingbag (Ivory)

Brand: Anello
Product Code: AT-H2021
RM269.00 RM219.00


Using the original Hickory pattern polyester cloth and the same cloth of easy-to-match collar, the inside can be used on all seasons with an anello® logo full pattern print. Set the gore narrower than the traditional items, giving a refreshing look. The popular mouth mini shoulder type is convenient for everyday use and its popular size is attractive. 

Material: Polyester 
Weight: 310 g 
Openings Main: Fasteners

Size: 24cm x 17cm x 12cm 
Possession length: 20 cm 
Shoulder cord length: 62 ~ 120 cm 

[Number of pockets] 
Main mouth × 1 
Inner pocket × 2 
Outside pocket × 1 

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Anello Polyester Canvas N/C Slim Mouthpiece Slingbag (Ivory)
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