Anello URBAN STREET Polyester Backpack Rucksack (Black)

Brand: Anello
Product Code: FSO-C109
RM319.00 RM269.00


The fabric is made of polyester in color and the side pocket is also redesigned for easy-to-use size. Its also attached a strap so you can put something which is taller. In addition, two pockets are added to be able to divide in the front pocket. The inner design also has document pockets, ensuring ease of use as before. 

Material: polyester 
Weight: about 760 g
Capacity: about 21 L

Size:42cm x 28cm x 14cm
Holding length: 35 cm 
Shoulder string length: 47 to 90 cm 

Number of pockets: 7 

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Anello URBAN STREET Polyester Backpack Rucksack (Black)
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