Anello Polyester Canvas Vertical Crossbody Bag (Khaki)

Brand: Anello
Product Code: AT-B0194
RM199.00 RM139.00


Simple bag series using polyester canvas of light fabrics all over. Fake suede parts and gold color fasteners treated casually give an elegant impression. 
● Shoulder removable 

material: Polyester 
Weight: Approx 230g 
Opening Main: Fastener

size side Vertical Machi
F 18 cm 37 cm 12 cm

※ Estimated size: mini (B5 size and above will not be included) Handle 
length: 21cm 
Shoulder string length : 63 ~ 118cm 

【Pocket number】
Main mouth × 1 
inside pocket × 1 
outside pocket × 1 

sex: men

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Anello Polyester Canvas Vertical Crossbody Bag (Khaki)
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