Anello Polyester Canvas 10 Pocket 2way Tote Backpack (Black)

Brand: Anello
Product Code: AT-C1225
RM289.00 RM239.00


In a series using a heat-sink polyester canvas that gives a unique texture to the whole surface, 2 Way backpack that can also be used as a tote bag joins the ranks! A rucksack can be stored and it can be refreshed as a tote. Point convenient side pocket and direct connection fastener is a nice point. The large front pocket has fasteners on the left and right, so it can be taken in and out from three directions. It is an item stuck very much with the storage power of 10 pockets and usability. 

Material: Polyester 

Weight: 710 g 

Capacity: 17 L 

Opening Main: Fastener



size side Vertical Machi
F 38 cm 37 cm 16 cm

※ Estimated size: A4 
possession length: 35 cm 
Shoulder cord length : 44.5 ~ 80.5 cm 

[Pocket number] 
Main mouth × 1 
inside pocket × 4 
outside pocket × 6 
direct connection fastener × 1 

sex: unisex 

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Anello Polyester Canvas 10 Pocket 2way Tote Backpack (Black)
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