Anello 90's Mouthpiece Mini Rucksack (Black/Gray)

Product Code: AT-B2791
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【Model Code】 anello AT-B2791

Anello Popular No. 1's mouthpiece backpack is a new series of colorful 'Dasa cute' with POP that reminiscent of sneakers of the 90's. Besides the rubber material of the main fabric, I used lip nylon, air mesh, reflector, fake leather, and finished it with full playful design. Sporty embossed logo charm is also a point. 

Material: Polyurethane (PU) 
Weight: 540g 
Capacity: 10L 
Opening Main: Fastener

Size: F | 24cm x 35cm x 14cm
※ Estimated size: A4 
※ Possession length: 30cm 
※ Shoulder string length: 40 ~ 83cm 

Pocket number:
※ Main mouth × 1 
※ Inner pocket × 2 
※ Outside pocket × 3 
※ Directly connected fastener × 1 

Gender: Unisex 

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Anello 90's Mouthpiece Mini Rucksack (Black/Gray)
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