Anello【Limited Color】Cotton Canvas "anello" 2WAY Tote Bag (Navy)

Brand: Anello
Product Code: AU-S0061


a 2WAY tote bag printed large anello® logo on medium cotton canvas fabric. An "o" part of anello is on the handle. It is finished with pop and humor. Since the shoulder is adjustable, you can use it as a tote or as a shoulder bag according to your mood. 

Material: Cotton 
Weight: 450 g 
Opening Main: Magnet

Size 40 cm 43 cm 16 cm

※ Estimated size: A3 
shoulder string length: 57 ~ 115cm 

[Number of pockets] 
Main mouth × 1 
inside pocket × 3 

Gender: unisex 

※ Characteristics of the material, color may be transferred due to rain · water · sweat · friction etc. I will. 
Please do not coordinate with light or light clothing. 

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Anello【Limited Color】Cotton Canvas "anello" 2WAY Tote Bag (Navy)
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