How to verify Anello bags ?

Friday, Jul 21, 2017 | Post by Kelly | 3 comment(s)

Anello backpack made minor changes over the years.

Changes on style/design not stated below may not be the original Anello bags product.


Anello Backpack is sturdy, made up of high quality materials, stylish that goes with any attire night or day, and it comes in many colors. It has a large compartment. Hence, you may use it to school, office, a party, and even when traveling, you name it! Anello Backpack can also be used as a baby backpack to put baby essentials in such as diaphers, wipes and baby milk bottles without a mess. With such convenience, You can use Anello Bags anywhere and anytime! Anello Bags is popular among the community all over the world and not just in Japan! Thus, no wonder imitation of Anello Bags are sold over the market! These counterfeit goods are of poor materials and quality. The photos below are to help you to distinguish which is real and which is not.

ANELLO-CO selling all the bags are almost the same price with JAPAN retail selling price in JPY.

Q1: To those customer who like to ask why we selling cheap price ?

Answer is : Not we selling cheap price ,is others seller increase the price higher around 30-50%. 


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